Frequently Asked Questions

1. How soon until I get my first issue?

There are different industry-standard timetables for starting various types of print subscriptions.
Daily Papers: 2 to 3 weeks
Weekly Magazines: 4 to 6 weeks
Bi-Weekly and Monthly Titles: 8 to 12 weeks
Bi-Monthly and Quarterly Subscriptions: 12 to 16 weeks
That said, some publishers do take a bit longer than what is listed above. If you still have not received your first issue after the timeframe for your subscription type has passed, please email us.
You should also review our shipping page to see the latest info on the impact of Covid-19

2. What if I get duplicates of the same issue? What if my first issue is one, I’ve already received?

If you get a duplicate issue, please email our Customer Service Department and we will work to make it right. If you get a duplicate after renewing a subscription, it could be a “back issue” used to start the subscription quickly. In this case, you should contact us, and we’ll ask the publisher to extend your expiration date, so the back issues are not counted as part of your subscription.

3. Can I renew through you even if I started my subscription through someone else?

Yes, you can! We are able to renew most of the magazine subscriptions we offer regardless of whether or not you originally subscribed through us. To renew through us, make sure to check the “Renewal” box next to the magazine in your cart when placing an order. Also, make sure that your name and address are entered exactly as they appear on your existing magazine subscription - this will ensure that the publisher adds the new term to the end of your existing subscription. 

4. When should I renew my subscription?

To prevent an interruption in your subscription service, we recommend that you place renewal order at least 8 weeks prior to the ending date of your current subscription. When placing a renewal order, make sure that your name and address are exactly the same as on your current subscription.

5. Can I place a gift order?

Yes, you can, and it’s very simple.  Later during the checkout process, you will be prompted to add your recipient’s name and address. This will be asked for under the Shipping Address.

6. When will my subscription expire? Why is the expiration date on my magazine label different from what appears on your website or my subscription summary form?

We are only able to give you estimated expiration dates on our website - the date you see on the magazine label is the true expiration date for your subscription, determined by the publisher and not us based on when your first issue shipped. For reference, see the example below. The magazine label will show the expiration month and year in a format designated by the publisher. For example, an expiration date of April 2011 may show up as 04/11, AP11, APR 11, or some variation. If you have any questions, please contact us.

7. How much do shipping and handling cost?

Shipping and handling are always free for all our subscription services.

8. Can I change my address on an existing subscription if I’m moving internationally?

Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver outside of the USA or US territories. If you plan to return at a later date, we can suspend your subscription and restart it when you come back.

9. Can I cancel my subscription before it expires?

Yes, you can. If you are unhappy with your subscription for any reason within 30 days of purchase, you can contact Customer Service to cancel. A pro-rated refund, if eligible, will be issued for undelivered issues. No refunds will be issued for orders that have received a cashback, rebate, reward, or virtual currency.

10. How do I login to my account?

Only customers who have placed orders with us are able to login. Once you place a subscription order, you will receive a final confirmation from us that the order has completed processing. This typically takes 1-2 days. Once you get that confirmation, you will be able to login to your account. Click “My Account” at the top of any website page to login. 

11. Can I suspend my subscription without canceling it?

Yes, we can suspend delivery for you without canceling your subscription. Please contact us as soon as possible and we will work it out with the publisher. This typically takes 4-8 weeks.

12. Do you ship outside the USA?

We only ship to the USA & US territories. That said, most magazines can be delivered to APO/FPO addresses for overseas military.

13. Do you ship to prisons or correctional facilities?

Yes, we do, but there are some special rules to keep in mind. Each facility sets its own rules for which magazines inmates can receive. You should first make sure that the magazine you want to order is allowed in the recipient’s facility. In most cases, you must also provide an Inmate ID number or SID when placing the order. You can usually look these up on the facility’s website. Also, be sure to use the inmate’s name exactly as it is known to the prison. If names and numbers do not match, the prison won’t deliver the magazine.

14. What happens after I place an order?

The first thing you should expect after placing an order is an initial confirmation email with the details of your order. Once your order has finished processing, usually 1-2 business days, you’ll receive a final confirmation email. Once you get the final confirmation, you’ll be able to login to your account on our site.

15. Is there a sales tax on magazines?

In general, the answer is no, but some states do charge sales tax on newspapers and other mail subscriptions. In those states, customers may receive a bill directly from the publisher for the tax. If you have any questions, please contact us.

16. What payment methods do you accept?

We accept most major credit cards from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Discover. You can also pay via PayPal.

17. I’m having trouble using your website, can you help?

If you are experiencing issues using our site, you should first try using a different browser. If the problems persist, check your browser’s security settings. Our site sometimes has issues if your security is set to “high,” so we suggest you try lowering it to “medium.” Also, check to make sure “cookies” and “JavaScript” are enabled in your browser. These settings are usually found in the “Tools” or “Settings” menu of your browser. After verifying these items, you will need to restart your browser for any changes to take effect.

18. Why did I receive a renewal notice in the mail?

These mailings don’t come from us. Magazine publishers will sometimes send out these notices when a subscription is nearing its expiration date. 

19. What do I do if there is an error in my order?

If you discover an error with your order, please contact us right away. We will try our best to fix it as soon as possible. The sooner you contact us, the easier it will be for us to make changes.

20. Do you ship to APO/FPO addresses?

Yes, we do!

21. Where can I find my account number on the magazine label?

If your subscription includes digital/online subscription services, you’ll need the account number from your magazine’s label in order to access it. See the example below - you must remove any zeroes from the front of your account number. For example, if your magazine label reads 0000123456, then your account login number is 123456.

22. I emailed you, why did I never get a reply?

When you submit a request to our Customer Service team, you should receive a prompt response within 48 hours. That said, our responses sometimes end up in spam folders due to email provider filters. Please first check your spam folder for our reply. If you can’t find it, please email us again or call us directly.

23. My question isn’t listed, what should I do?

If you can’t find the answer to your question on this page, please contact us.

24. Can I order the same magazine subscription twice? Can I get multiple copies of the same magazine at the same address?

If you place a second order or renewal order within 90 days of your original order, there’s a chance that the publisher will treat it as a duplicate and reject it. You might also accidentally extend your existing subscription instead of duplicating it. To avoid this, we suggest that you contact us and we’ll make sure everything is setup correctly.

25. Do you price match?

Yes, we will match the price of any authorized competitor within 30 days of your order date. To be eligible, you must provide us with the URL of the offer you would like to match.

26. Do you offer Automatic Renewal?

We do not offer any automatic renewal service because we don’t want our customers to be blindsided by unexpected renewals, they weren’t aware of. Instead, we will email you when your subscription is nearing its end and give you the option to renew it manually if you chose to.

27. Can I change my payment method for renewals?

Yes, you can! We do not offer recurring payment plans. You can do this yourself by renewing the subscription and selecting the suitable payment plans.

28. Will I be notified of upcoming expiration dates?

Yes, we will send you a reminder email as your expiration date approaches and you will have the option to renew right from that email. Billing frequency and price are subject to change. The email you provide to us with your initial transaction will be the email used to deliver all future notices and communications regarding your subscription. If you need to update your email, you can do so from within “My Account” on our website.

29. Does my subscription include a digital subscription?

No, it does not. When you buy a subscription from us, you are only buying the print magazine subscription service. All issues will be delivered in print by mail. These are clearly marked in our catalog so there is no confusion.